Three lost clowns, cast out by a changing world. We see the person behind the nose and discover the clown behind the person. A tragicomedy about the end of these comics, of an imaginary. A story in classic clown language, an effort at sharing that which clowns have left in our memory.


Clowns on my mind

Behind clowns, sources of empathy, masters of the absurd, of humor, they who draw me into an inexplicable space-time capsule, who make my tears flow for no reason. Behind clowns, I am surprised to sense over and over again humble people, insignificant we might even say, stubbornly incapable of explaining, outside the ring, the unique magic of their art. Individuals who are amazed by the transcendence of their craft, taking refuge in a gag, shocked by the epic proportion that the figure of the clown has in our imagination. It is this thought, these people, who inspire us to create this show.

Staging and creation: Cia La Tal & Leandre Ribera
Direction: Leandre Ribera
Performers: Enric Casso, Jordi Magdaleno, David Parras, Leandre Ribera
Musician: David Moreno
Visual concept: Txema Rico
Special effects: Voltaires
Inflatables: Quim Guixà
Wardrobe: Taller Maravillas
Photography: Jordi García
Production: Cia La Tal & Leandre Clown
Diffusion: Cia La Tal & Agnés Forn

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