Fly Me to the Moon

Tandem: bicycle for two people.
Trip: everything that happens between here and there.
Moon: everyone’s destiny when we want to daydream.
Clowns duo: disaster and poetry walkers.

A flying bicycle, wood, iron, dust, big shoes and hats up to your eyebrows.
The moon awaits us.

Fly me to the moon is the possible journey of two clowns to the moon.
It’s the feat of the dreamer. The feat of two innocents.


A few words...

In a world that runs too much, the clown can be a pause, a sunny moment.

Fly me to the moon aims to be that, a moment full of simple things like laughing, listening, being surprised, playing.

A gift for the senses.
My clown tries to play these keys, to take the audience to the sun, to the moon; before cynicism, before the maelstrom of daily problems.

That place we knew so well when we were children.

Staging and creation: Leandre Ribera
Direction: Leandre Ribera
Clowns: Leandre Ribera and Laura Miralbés
Musician: Marco Rubiol
Musical Composition: Victor Morato
Set Construction: El taller del Lagarto – Josep Sebastia Vito “Lagarto”
Production: Leandre Clown
Diffusion: Agnés Forn

With the support of:

institut llull


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