N'imPORTE quoi


On the Street it’s raining keys.
Five clowns ring the doorbell.
Loneliness escapes through the eye of the lock.
Humour and poetry live on the threshold of the doorway.
An invasion of intimate absurdity, madness and laughter.

The doors open... dance.

A physical theatre show.
Overflowing with silliness.
Without words.
Without limits.
Without order.

Everything is possible.


“Form a company, grow, create.
Imagine those shows that I’d like to see.
Invent projects for the clowns that I love so much.
Offer them to the audience, make them travel, dream and laugh.”  -

Staging and creation: Leandre Ribera
Direction: Leandre Ribera
Performers: Andreu Sans, Cristina Solé, Laura Miralbés, Leandre Ribera, Pere Hosta
Musical Composition: Victor Morato
Desing Stage: Xesca Salvà
Set Construction: El taller del Lagarto – Josep Sebastia Vito “Lagarto”
Lighting design & Technical production: Marco Rubiol
Music recording: Sergi Sirvent, Pepino Pauscual, Anna Grenzner, Jordi Gaspar, Martí Hosta
Production: Leandre Clown
Diffusion: Agnés Forn

With the support of:


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